Emmy Fu

Emmy Fu (any pronouns) is a Chinese-Canadian facilitator, moderator, and community organizer focused on refugee/migrant justice and border and prison abolition. Emmy is currently studying North American Studies at the John F. Kennedy Institute at Freie Universität Berlin. Previously Emmy studied cultural and critical theory at the University of Toronto. 

Emmy is passionate about framing political and social justice and efforts of institutional diversity through the intersecting lens of anti-Blackness, abolition, anti-imperialism, and anti-colonialism. Emmy has participated in building up structures and campaigns for social justice around the topics of third-country nationals from Ukraine, queer/trans/inter/nonbinary refugees, and a European-wide network of advocacy for the plight of refugees in Libya. In particular, Emmy brings this wide-ranging grassroots experience in community-building, needs-assessment, and political advocacy to inform how institutions can increase their accessibility and diversity through a power-critical perspective, while enabling the equitable participation of the most marginalized. 

Emmy has held workshops and lectures on anti-discrimination for the DGSA’s Working Group on Flight, Migration, and Anti-Racism/Anti-Semitism and the 10-year anniversary events of Oranienplatz, as well at various German universities, including the University of Arts Berlin, Kiel University, Humboldt University, and the Free University of Berlin.