Constanze Schwärzer-Dutta

Constanze Schwärzer-Dutta (or Conni Schwaerzer-Dutta in English-speaking contexts) (she/her or no pronouns) has 22 years of counseling experience and over ten years of training and facilitation experience. She is trained as a political scientist and anti-bias trainer, facilitator, family and couples counsellor and accessibility consultant.

As a student, she counseled international students and later co-founded a trade union counseling centre for undocumented migrants. These experiences inspired her to reflect on her own white privilege and to complement her political knowledge and activism with psychological knowledge and inner work. In midlife, as a woman with a disability, she felt an increasing desire to empower herself and others with disabilities, to raise awareness of intersectional discrimination against people with disabilities, and to help break down barriers through education and counseling. She worked with many public authorities, universities, counseling service providers, local and transnational NGOs, foundations and medium-sized companies to reduce barriers and discrimination.

At IDJ, she offers anti-bias workshops, implicit bias trainings, diversity trainings, workshops on the development and implementation of anti-discrimination and diversity policies, accessibility assessment of infrastructures and workflows and training on transcultural and discrimination-sensitive counseling. She also accompanies longer processes of diversity-sensitive organisational development including accompanying coaching for managers. She also advises groups, teams, families, couples and other relationship constellations and individuals on all topics related to diversity, anti-discrimination and justice. In addition to her activities at IDJ, she counsels neurodiverse couples, wrote a relationship advice book for them, blogs about diversity in and of families and advocates for reproductive justice.

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