Anna-Lena Dohrmann

Anna-Lena Dohmann studied social sciences (B.A.) and therefore brings expertise on gender constructions, social closure mechanisms and social inequality, racism and postcolonial theory, intersectionality and discrimination.

Her social science studies in combination with activist work in anti-ableist and anti-racist contexts initiated an extensive reflection process on her own social position, power relations, privileges and disadvantages.

In her bachelor’s degree, Anna learned to analyze social and political conditions and processes in a theoretically well-founded way and to examine them critically. Learning this perspective was an important process, but she found that she also wanted to learn tools that would allow her to directly influence unjust power relations within a specific setting. This is why she subsequently decided to study law.

Since starting law school, Anna has been working at the intersection of law and society. She is also a mediator in training and would like to specialise in mediation in criminal and migration cases as a mediator in the future, thus contributing further to restorative justice.

Her approach as an anti-bias trainer is characterized by empathy, humour and openness and it is her concern to bring about genuine understanding. She gives trainings in German, English and Spanish.